For the past months, I was at my worst, I was at my lowest. Maybe it wasn’t obvious because I always hid it with a smile but deep inside – its killing me. Every night, I always slept late because I kept thinking about life. I wanted to cry. (Nope, I am still not in the point of suicidal, I still have dreams to make). I am just sad, super sad, depressed, frustrated and all the negative feelings. It’s worst than getting three redefenses or revisions in our thesis proposal.

A month passed.

Now, I an able to get my life back together. Thank You for this chance. Hope that everything will be alright. Keep the good vibes coming…


3 thoughts on “Unsaid

  1. Good luck Lykapoot! Arog talaga kayan just keep going ako man baga arog man kayan. Hope everything works out well for you! May work ka na palan? 🙂

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