The Bum Life

Blessed to be spending my Christmas break in my hometown, Naga City, together with my family. This break has been a bum life for me. No acads (quizzes, projects, and homeworks) to worry about – just plainly rest, eat and enjoy. Yehey! 🙂

I actually promised to myself that I will do acads by reviewing past lessons and studying new ones. Since, for sure,  next term will be one hellish term again but so far I never started anything yet. Lol.

And school’s about to start in a week. 😦 AWWWWW.

Anyway, I did nothing productive this Christmas break. Just watch dramas, movies and series again, catch up with my family, high school friends and eat, sleep and surf the net. I also watched one of the MMFF’s entry for this year – Feng Shui 2. The two movies that I wanted to watch are already sold out – so I have no choice but to watch this. It’s a horror movie but there’s comedy part.

HS forever!
Trying the selfie pod with lolo
Girls from the fam
Christmas groupie!

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