Gotta Love Photography

I never imagined photography to be difficult, you just need to take a picture, just one shut at the camera then you have a photo. Simple. However, that is before I took my elective for the term.

I’m taking photography this term, it’s a challenge, yes, because I don’t have any background about it, I just take photos. It also interests me, it’s like I give more effort on my elective than my major subjects.  Our professor is a professional, teaches photojournalism and the like, he also works in a channel network, photographed fashion shows and the like. He is very good at teaching and explained it really well even if the terms are difficult since it applies physics – which is about light.

What I learned so far, hmmmmmm. We talked about the intensity of light – (high and low), the color – (cold and warm), diffusion, ISO and the like. We haven’t really discussed a lot since we just had our first meeting last Monday. I’m looking forward in our next lessons.

Here’s some pictures of my assignment for Monday. We are tasked to take pictures of 3 eggs and apply what we have learned about light.

egg_pink   egg_grass

Is it good? HAHAHA.


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