More Time Please

My summer’s about to end in a week. Cries. 😥 And I am still not yet finished with my summer plans which is to watch all the American Series and Korean Drama in my hard drive and read some books, knowing that I just stayed home for the past month. Yes, my summer’s a waste. I should have done something amazing but oh well — just home with the television or my laptop. 😦  My brother’s in a study tour abroad so we can’t really have a vacation yet since he’s not around. But when he gets back, we already have school. 😦

Anyway, let’s see my check-list, I did watch a lot of korean dramas but I wanna catch up with the American Series!! Ohhhh I should have watch t them first but oh well.


  1. Teen Wolf – is the only American Series that I have completed so far then the rest are korean dramas!
  2. Meteor Garden
  3. Coffee Prince
  4. My Love From the Star
  5. Innocent Man
  6. Master’s Sun
  7. I Hear Your Voice

Not Yet Complete

  1. Awkward (Season 3 right now)
  2. Arrow (Haven’t start it yet but I wanna watch)
  3. The Walking Dead (Season 2) huhu I am getting bored but I really want to finish this series
  4. American Horror Story! (Season 1)

Books to read:

  1. Everyday
  2. The Fault in Our Stars

Haven’t actually read books lately because I don’t wanna waste my money to buy books and having an e-book is really not my type. lol.



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