2nd Time Shopper

I bought a product from an online store and paid it through the bank yesterday. It’s only my second time buying online because I am scared that it might be a scam or what but since I noticed that many are buying, I gave it a try. I sent the photo of the deposit slip to the owner but the owner didn’t reply to my text. Then suddenly, today I received a message from the courier that he was at our house and someone said that they didn’t know me and told me to text back right away. However, I read the message late like 20 minutes ago since I am studying on the other room and left my phone charging on my room. In addition, I didn’t even hear a doorbell. I didn’t know that the package will already arrive today. huhu. And thank God that the courier replied to my text that he’ll just go back tomorrow morning. I really felt bad for myself and the courier because sayang ng effort! I learned that I should always keep my phone beside me because there are important messages or calls. Hence, I already told our maid that there is a package for me. Huhu. I really hope that it can arrive safely tomorrow! Praying and Cross Fingers!


3 thoughts on “2nd Time Shopper

  1. Wow ! That’s kind of convoluted, isn’t it? Maybe the Philippines isn’t ready yet for online shopping ? I sent a package to a friend last year via the US Postal service . I’ve been told it would go to the Philippine Postal Service. My mother said she wouldn’t be surprised if the recipient didn’t get it. She did, but after 3 months, and the Burberry perfume was gone.

    1. yes, it is really hard to transact online here compare to yours. you’re actually not sure whether you’ll get the product. 😦 but in this case, i got it! yehey! 🙂 well, it is very common here, probably because customs open the boxes and if they want it, they’ll get it. My relatives in the NY sent us packages via Macro , so far we received everything they sent us. 🙂

      1. I assume Macro is a private shipper. we do have private shippers here that deal with Filipino customers only. they even sell Balikbayan boxes…. and yes, the recipients do get the packages. But, packages that go thru the government postal service are ransacked, and pilfered. Sad state of affairs.

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