So Embarassing!

Just had my embarassing moment today. I called Manila zoo to ask what time does it open for my LEAP class.  Then the person (who is a man) answered and we actually talked like few minutes. He asked my name, from where I am then ectera. I told him my name, a student of DLSU, my question and of course about our LEAP class. Knowing that I am calling the right number then after that the man told me that it’s a wrong number. Like what the hell!!! 😦 It is so embarassing and I told him that I’m very sorry. Then I got scared because I told him my name and my school. shit! And it may ruin the reputation of my school. hahaha. lol! Ugghh! Really sucks!! Screw the Internet for putting a wrong number for Manila Zoo!!! HAHA. Anyway, “Bahala na”. I’ll no longer call Manila Zoo ever again.  😦


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