High at 7th High

7th High is located in The Fort Bonificaio, Global City. It is the place that you can actually experience Manila Clubbing, partying, good Djs, music and all. It is a perfect place for partying, drinking and just having fun with your friends! It has an entrance fee of P500  for the club and P1000 for the VIP including drinks and only 18 years old and above were allowed to enter.



My 7th high experience was great! It was my best friend Kateleen’s 18th birthday when I had the chance to come there and celebrate with her, her family and friends. We were in The Lounge area at first to celebrate a private party with friends then when the party’s done, we headed to the Club area. As we enter, I was like WOW – there are a lot of people drinking, dancing, smoking and singing. I never been actually to club and that was my first time so there I was a little shocked. The music there was really good so we go dancing and singing. And that was it. It was great, memorable and fun! But let me remind you that you always need to be responsible on your actions and what you’re doing. 🙂 It’s alright to go partying but be responsible.



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