Buffet 101

Buffet 101 International Cuisine is located at the Seaside of SM Mall of Asia. Never go right is the rule.  Here’s the story, we had lunch at Buffet101 since it was Christelle’s treat for us because she just turned 18 last June 5. As we find our way to the restaurant, we don’t know whether to go right or left. We decided to go right and had long walks but the restaurant was not there. 😦

If you want an eat and drink all you can food, Buffet 101 is definitely one of the best choices. It’s like a lunch or dinner at a five star hotel with its delicious and mouth-watering food. It offers different kinds of food like Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, English and etc.

My Buffet101 experience is so great! The food – had three rounds and three different kinds of drinks  and the staff are so hospitable. Above is the food that I ate. First plate consists of  California maki, baked oyster clams, potato chips and cream dory. Second photo which was my third plate consist of  sweet desserts  – Chocolate mousse, yogurt and mango pudding. Third photo which was my second plate – pizza, Angus beef, Ebi tempura, shrimp dumpling, pork siomai, buchi,  fried noodles with squids and that pasta over there. 🙂 I’m so full!

me, raiza, ayami
christelle and marie

Thanks to Christelle!  ❤ 🙂


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