Summer Wishlist

1. White Sand Beach

Calaguas Island

My summer is not complete without white sand beach. Oh please!! I wanna go to a beach this summer preferably Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte since I haven’t been there and we were not able to go with my cousins. I’m craving for powdery white sand, crystal clear water, salty water, sunburns,  sunshine,sunset and warm breeze. PLEASEEEEEE! Hopefully before summer ends or before my school start once again, I’ve been to beach. Even if it is not Boracay it’s ok as long as it’s a white sand beach. Dad, come on let’s go to the beach!!!!

2. Advance Java Lessons


Hopefully before summer ends I know how to program with Java in preparation for my next term course.  I know it’s freaking hard and I’m not good in programming so right now I’m gonna study and make a 4.0 for that course! (I wish) 🙂 Just looking at the photo makes me cry 😦 I wish I can do this and I’ll be a great programmer!! 🙂


My summer should be productive!! NO TIME SHOULD BE WASTED! 🙂


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