Forever Friends

Back in the old days. My very first best friend is my cousin Chynna.

Ever since we were still babies or kids we used to play girl games like dolls or luto-lutuan and many others I just can’t remember them with Iya – my other cousin who’s younger by one year. We were called the powerpuff girls that time! 🙂  We  love swimming and learned how to swim together. Chynna and I have same clothes but just different colors. We’re like sisters! 😉 But the sad thing is, she migrated to London when she was at 7 and Iya who went to Manila when she was 6 so I was left alone in the province! 😦 I have no playmates any more/ 😦

The good part is we still haven’t forgotten our friendship and the times we had together. It’s been four years since Chynna didn’t visit Philippines and this time they came for holy week  and Easter break so we got the chance to get along and bond together with my other cousins even in just few weeks.

and now 🙂

I hate goodbyes. 😦 Hopefully we’ll see each other again on December if time permits.


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