CWTS: Loved for A Lifetime

Time flies so fast! Before we were just starting our C2 and now, it’s already the end.I’ll miss C2 because it is the only time when we meet or bond as a blockmates and of course helping those kids in KBS area since they have been already close to me.

First Session in C2

During our last session, we started the session by recalling what have we discussed last C1 and on the past meetings. Well, we totally forgot all of them but what matters the most is that we applied what we have learned. 🙂 Then, we have this meme game like we need to choose what meme are we and why. I drew the victory kid since we survived c2 and we fulfilled our plans. My drawing is ugly, never really had any talent with it so I didn’t present my drawing in front of the class.

Then we did something of the manila paper like passing those and giving comments. I enjoyed giving comment to other people’s work because what they wrote was true and I can relate so I put a check mark on it! :)) Then we had a picture taking,

got some pictures and write there our life six years after and a letter to God. I hate writing about my life in the future  because I don’t know if it’ll come true. Of course I wrote the positive and the things I want to achieve in life but maybe I won’t be able to achieve it and it’ such a pain in the heart or whatever. 🙂 Anyway, I wrote a letter to God also – thanking him for all the things he had given me and my family and put it in a mailbox which is so cute. 🙂


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