Today is my birthday! I should be happy right? But from the moment I woke up, as I read all the text messages that were sent to me, I kept on crying! Non-stop cries, seriously! Every time I remember what they have said or knowing that they won’t be here to celebrate my birthday I cried. Maybe because it’s my first time to celebrate my birthday without them. It’s just too sad. And I was expecting two people to greet me, but there’s none. I mean, did they forget? 😦 SAAAD!

I went to school and realized that I forgot my ID! Arrrrrrgh! Hate it. It’s my second time to left my ID and if I left my ID for the third time I’ll have an offense. Oh no! All those moments were gone when I had to talk with my best friend, Melissa. She was there, waiting for me at the 9th floor. We talked a lot of things, and talking to her made me feel better.

I attended our SOCTEC class. As I entered our room, Kuya Aj told me that I look I didn’t slept at night because I was doing our SOCTEC proposal the whole time. Ayami, Christelle and Raiza say the same, that I look different. They even asked me is there something wrong or what? I never expected that my face would be like that. After we passed the proposals to the teacher, my blockmates sang ‘Happy Birthday’  to me and it was so loud. It made me happy at the same time I was surprised because I never told them that today is my birthday except for Marie. But Marie called me a while ago and greeted me Happy Birthday and she can’t come to school. How did they know? (I’m pertaining to The Binondo Girls) and here’s the story.

Back to our D.O. and tambay day that happened a week ago. Fritz saw us while waiting for the elevator to come down, and told me that I’ll be turning seventeen soon. They (The Binondo Girls) said when? But I didn’t tell them.  Marie didn’t know my birthday that time and she greeted me everyday since I don’t wanna tell her. And I told her that it’s still on the 23rd. But the rest didn’t know yet. How did they know? Ayami said that my birthday wasn’t posted on Facebook. What Joyce did is she scrolls down my Facebook account to found out when is my birthday. I mean what?! From November 2011 to November 2010, it’s too long. And I was touched of what she did. S18 and the Binondo Girls made my birthday so special that I thought it would never happen since I’m far away from my family. Their plan is not to greet me, but the plan failed. Bwahhaha. I treat them lunch at One Archer’s and surprisingly Ayami and Raiza brought me a mini cake from Holly’s which is so delicious!

that's the mini cake from Holly;s
with christelle sanhi. 🙂
joyce guiao showing her rotc pics.
raiza de leon & ayami lui

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