The Binondo Girls

Hi guys! I want you all to meet my new friends this college, they’re AWESOME! HAHA!

Wondering why “The Binondo Girls”?  The Binondo Girls doesn’t mean that we are all from Binondo or we are an avid fan of My Binondo Girl – a television show. It is the name called to our group of friends this college.  My blockmates called our group ‘The Binodo Girls’ because all  the Chinese girls in our block are close friends, or always together. I even didn’t notice  that at first.  Our group started this second semester. Originally, we’re called trio then we hanged out with them on the first day of second semester then that started our group. And almost everyday we’re always together, sit next beside each other, talk too much and laugh. Do some crazy stuffs, share our opinion and a lot more. We even enjoyed foodtripping along Taft, share our stories, the same way like friends treat each other. It’s really good to start college and meet friends like them. I’m thankful as well as happy that I had a friend like them.

We even planned exchange gifts this Christmas, have a Christmas Party on Christelle’s house. Haha! In fact, we already had our ‘bunutan’ last October 28. Not much excited? I told Raiza, that Halloween’s not yet coming and we already looking forward this Christmas. Raiza said, that’s how Filipino are. And planned what to do on our Christmas Party – potluck,swimming, and movie marathon? We also planned go to Rizal Park since it’s just near on our school and go on ice-skating on MOA and laugh at those people who slipped on the ice. I’m sure that it will be all fun! They also want to visit our provinces – their first stop is Pampanga, next Naga and last Zamboanga. HAHA! I know that this won’t happen. We, promdis, make them jealous how good the life in province is. Haha! Too sad that on the third semester we’re not going to be blockmate no more, less time to see each other, bond with each other, eat lunch at the same time, and go on food tripping but still we’ll be all classmates in CWTS except for Joyce since she choses ROTC than CWTS.

LtoR: Marie Sy, Ayami Lui,Joyce Guiao,me,Christelle Sanhi,Raiza de Leon

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