CWTS Journal #7: Exposure

A CWTS Exposure for the second time. I was so lazy when my alarm clock rang and still wanted to go to sleep even just for a few minutes. But then, I tried to keep awake and do what I need to do so that I can go in the meeting place ahead of time. Marie called me on the phone and asked where am I? I told her ” I am still home”. Haha! That’s the time that I rush. When I arrived at HP, I was lost and cannot find where our jeep is. But thank God, that my best friend saw me. I was surprised when she shouted my name, then we go together and find my jeep.

On the way to Caloocan, we start talking on the jeep, telling stories, listening to the music and more. It’s a lot more happier and fun on our jeep now compare from the last time. We arrived at the place, and sadly they said that there’s a “lamay for the dead” on our venue. Marie and I went to the house of our host family. We didn’t exactly know where’s the way since it’s like a maze but yes we found it!

So at first, Dos was shy when he saw us. He even didn’t want to accept our gifts that we brought him. Oh, by the way it was Dos birthday last October 20 so we brought him a gift. Then heΒ  still don’t talk to us, so his mom and us talk for a little while, tell stories about anything and so on. Aling Neri said that too bad that we haven’t been there on Dos birthday, it was celebrated yesterday at Jollibee.Β  Finally Dos was already back and ready for another tutorial session again. Marie taught him English about the pronouns

dos and marie

and for me I taught her cousin Joyce about Math in dealing again with operations on fractions.

me and joyce

Since Dos’ birthday was celebrated last Saturday, his sister gave us cake for a snack while they are studying. The cake was delicious and I observed Dos only eats the icing, so I just give him the icing of my cake because it was too sweet.

the cake that they served us

Then we played Angry Birds – the gift he received on his birthday.

Dos with his angry birds
angry birds

After we played, they went to Tower and played ‘ice-water’. We went back home and eat lunch. I shared the lunch I brought and they also shared their food ‘ Sinigang na Baboy’. It was so delicious!!!! Really! Marie and I can’t help but told them that it was so good, na it’s so “masarap!”. Then we watched television, sing with the song ,talked about the 2 year old girl who was a victim of hit-and-run in China.Β Dos,to show his appreciation wore the shirt I gave to him for his birthday.

ANIMOnster shirt.

Then sadly, we need to go home. 😦 But before we got home, we told our host family our plans through Tintin, Cha, and Elica. Actually, I wanted really a venue for tutorial session because of the environment. I,myself when I’m studying I want to have a good environment for me to learn. And it’s ‘nakakahiya’ to our host family if we’ll go there to their house to tutor kids who does not belong to their house. Somewhat like that idea. But anyway, as long as the children enjoys and they learn. I’m ok with that. πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “CWTS Journal #7: Exposure

  1. Hi, there !

    Are you training to be a teacher? It’s really nice to read up on anything Philippine. I can’t say I miss the country because I didn’t grow up there, but , I feel my heart being pulled towards my heritage. I need to learn more, not by reading Filipino newspapers, but by reading writings such as this. Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers !

    1. Hello there!

      Thank you for the kind words and for reading my blog. I’m not a teacher, i’m just a student. That’s our journal for a community service in our school. We went to their house and mingle with them and help them on their needs. That’s so nice of you. Yes, you didn’t grew up here, but I can say that your heart will always be a true Filipina. You can visit Philippines when you have time, I’m sure you’ll have fun especially the wonderful landmarks, the food, the people here. πŸ˜€

      Thank you so much! πŸ˜€

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