CWTS Journal#3

I set my phone alarm last night at quarter to 6 but I woke up at 5 in the morning! Not much excited huh? I tried to sleep again but I just can’t so I fixed my things needed for our exposure. My aunt drove me to Harrison Plaza (our meeting place). Yeah! I don’t have to commute again! It’s so traffic along Harrison so I decided to just walk to the parking area. I meet my best friend on my way to the parking area, talked about non-sense things. And there, Marie saw me so we tried to find the jeep assigned to us. I wanted to pee before we go but we just can’t find any restroom out there. 😦

On the jeep to Caloocan, we talked about a lot of things, then eat Oreo (the food Marie bought), sound tripping, singing and sleep to let our body be energize on the exposure.  It was far, consume one hour to go there since it’s too traffic and the weather is hot. Then finally, we arrived at the place. As we go in, we saw a Chao-chao, a super cute dog that welcomed us! His so fluffy and the tongue is black which means his really a true breed dog. Then we go at the barangay hall, the host families brought as a warm welcome. Then we (Marie and I) were assigned to Aling Nerri. On our way to Aling Nerri’s house is kinda tricky and far, there are lots of turns to the right and to the left and the space for the way was too small. I will be surely lost if I am only by myself there.

On Aling Nerri’s house… Aling Nerri’s house has a sari-sari store which serves as their livelihood income/business. The sari-sari store was complete, they sell rice,junk foods, and more. In her house there are also appliances, TVs, refrigerator, washing machine and more. Aling Nerri told us as we enter our house na pagpasensyahan na daw naming yung maliit na bahay nya kasi di daw kami sanay dun, and mainit daw somewhat like that. We told her that it’s all right and we were not complaining. They offered us soft drinks as we enter. In the house live her mom (Lola Luz, 66y/o) and her family of five. Aling Nerri has three kids – Tammy (19 y/o and has a cerebral palsy), Danica (16 y/o – about to go to college next year) and Dos (7y/o – Grade 1) and her husband is a merchandiser in Mercury Drugstore.

She told us that it is a great timing because the day of our exposure is the birthday of her child Tammy which she turns 19y/o. She told us that they’ll have a small birthday celebration for Tammy. Then we talked about her life. We asked her if she got measles or sick on her pregnancy with Tammy. She said yes, she got sick and hide it from her parents since she was young that time just 18 or 19 y/o but she never takes any pills to get rid of the baby. She just don’t take care of herself that time, didn’t drink milk that’s why Tammy has an in- born cerebral palsy.  We also asked her about her income, if it’s enough like that. She told us that life is difficult now compare before. The income they get is just enough for them but they cannot save money anymore compare before.  And on how much is their expenses, they consume at least P4000 every moth for their rent (which cost P1000), electricity and water (it’s expensive because there are still a lot of process or connections like that).

Her kids woke up already and they all went down the stairs, Tammy was also brought down. We already saw her kids and Tammy. Tammy can’t even sit or stand, she just lies always. Her neck was I can’t explain and her legs didn’t grew, it was so thin. I just can’t describe. Sorry. Aling Nerri said that the bone of her neck was S- shaped. She (Tammy) can go under operation to insert a metal to straighten her neck but it’s too expensive. I saw Danica, she’s so tall and has a nice hair. She’s entering college next year and she’s planning to take HRIM. And Dos – cute and chubby little boy who wants to play game. So we went to the court and play Ice-Water. We also invited my other blockmates together with their host families to play games. I was tired of running and we played under the heat of the sun so I was really perspiring. I wanted to stop playing but they still want it so have no choice. We also played patintero which is cool since there are so many kids.

It’s lunch after we played. They cooked Menudo and they shared us the food In turn, we shared our food to them. The Menudo taste good. 😀 We watched Miss Philippines World while eating. And after the show finished, we tutored Dos already and his cousin Joyce on Math. Dos were tutored by Marie. He got difficulty in solving multiplication problems. Joyce was tutored by me, we are studying fractions. I gave her problems about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Already discussed PEMDAS which makes her ahead of other students in school.

Joyce mom (Aling Noralyn) was there too, Aling Nerri told us that Aling Noralyn graduated from STI college (a 2-year course) but didn’t have work. We told her why? Then Aling Noralyn replied that when you’re already 32y/o, companies won’t accept you anymore because they prioritized new college graduates. I was deeply shocked, and replied “Talaga? Ang sama!”  After that we played again on the court. They played Seven-Up. I don’t know the game so I didn’t join. I bought them ice-cream and then we go home. Thank them for accepting us there.

It was a long day that day but I had fun. I gain new learnings and a new experience.


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