So close…

Hi Blog!

Last Tuesday we had our exam in the hatest subject that I need to study which is COMPRO1! I’m scared of course, because I really find it hard to understand our lessons especially the codes and their uses. I  studied on the night before our exam since I went home on weekend. And even if I studied on the weekend I still won’t get it because there’s a different set of question that will appear on the exam. Just like Math. So I know from the very start that I will fail our first long exam. 😦

But the aura change when we’re about to take the exam. The boy whom I liked before and I were on the same classroom so I have the chance to see his handsome face! :”> haha. Well, his face changed now, he looks more mature and smart since he already wear eyeglasses. I never thought that I would see him again after a very long time. I wonder if he knows me, remembers me or even just remember my face that I was the girl whom he met or saw before. Hahaha! 😀  I wanted to say ‘Hi’ to him but I just couldn’t because I’m shy? Honestly, we never talked or chat. His not even my friend on Facebook! 😦 Hahaa! And seeing him there, I forgot that we have an exam and I need to study. Well that’s just for a few minutes since we changed classroom since it’s already crowded there. Tsk! Now, I’m very sure I’ll fail the exam since my inspiration’s gone! 😦 Joke! Haha.  Oh well, at least I’ve seen him. 😀 hahaha!

and the exam was difficult and I’ll fail. Goodbye cruel world! T_T


2 thoughts on “So close…

    1. oh thank you! :)) i’ll post soon, im kinda busy right now due to my studies 😀 try reading my friends blog if u have time, they’re way better than me. 😀

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