Hong Kong

Our 4 day vacation in Hong Kong is just what we need – to bond, to enjoy and to escape work! Hehehe. It was our first out of country trip together and thank God we were able to get back home safely. Actually, we almost missed our flight going home as we decided to eat and didn’t noticed that it is already past our boarding time. We were in the final call in bold red to give more emphasis. So, we ran as fast as we can to the boarding gate, realizing that we still have to ride the train, go three floors up and more walking. We were all catching our breath upon giving our boarding pass. What a way to end our trip right? It’s crazy.

I don’t know…Yet

Q: What do you want to achieve in life?

Q: What do you want to do?

Me: Uhmmmmmmmmm ?????

Help Me!! Hahaha. 

My Korean Dreams ~


With all the fuss about Korean Dramas lately, here I am dreaming of  going to Korea. I’ve been wanting to go ever since I was in high school. The problems during that time are money and visa, but now I’m working – it might be feasible now. Time to save up, little one.

Honestly, I want to travel to Korea alone because I might found my Oppa or a Chaebol like every drama I watched. Kidding. Hmm. Its because I want to visit and try a lot of things and feel like I’m in a Korean drama. 🙂 Anyhow, as the saying goes – “the more, the merrier” so I’m also good with travelling with friends and/or families.

Now, I’ll be listing the things I want to do in Korea. These are inspired by all the Korean dramas I’ve watched. Hahaha. 

  1. Visit Namsan Tower and hang a love lock. – The famous spot for all the sweethearts! Who says that love locks are just for lovers? I’ll hang one as a memory of my trip to Korea.
  2. Visit Teddy Bear Museum – Guess what Korean Drama this was featured? Princess Hours! I want to see those cute bears in different scenes.
  3. Rent a house with a number pin. – It’s because we don’t have it here. 😦 I want to try clicking the number to open the door.#Amazing
  4. Try the wooden roller coaster in Everland – Of course, I can’t leave Korea without a thrilling ride! Not a fan of extreme rides but this is a challenge to myself. Would love to have someone ride with me though. Hehehe!
  5. Ride a bike in Nami Island -To ride a bike and just feel the nature or the beauty of the island.
  6. Take a walk in Han River at night – Han River is always mentioned on the dramas I watched. I wonder what’s in there? Take a walk and feel the Korean breeze. Brrr.
  7. Photoshoot in the Common Ground –
  8. Wear Hanbok – To feel like a princess after wearing their traditional costume.
  9. Watch the changing of guards in the Palace 
  10. Taste that weird Ice Cream –  I’ve seen pictures with high twirl ice cream and the u-shape cone ice cream. I wanted to try one.
  11. Vist Dongdaneum Design Plaza – For the inner hipster in me and capture those beautiful paintings / architectures.
  12. Order Chicken and Beer 
  13. Eat Samgyupsal
  14. Eat and drink on the street carts!
  15. Ramyun Nights – Buy noodles in 7-Eleven and eat it for midnight snack.
  16. Waste time, boy hunting in Korean Cafe’s (Dal Komm, Mango, Holly’s) 
  17. Makeup Haul in Myeondong – Because Korean Makeup here in the Philippines are so expensive.
  18. Snow Skiing /Outdoor Ice Skating – If there’s snow then go!
  19. Try their Sauna (Jjimjil Bang) – You know when they have to put their things on the locker, wear the same clothes and put that towel like sheep on their head.
  20. Lastly, Have FUN!

Now the question is, when will that dream come to reality? 2018? Yes? I’m not in a hurry though. If it’s time then it is time.



Me and my friends tried Fox X Breakout Manila last Sunday! It’s a mystery or a quest game that is about the shows in Fox (i.e. Walking Dead). I had lots of fun since we were able to escape! Yes!! But then, left me a bruise on my right knee as I fell down when the zombies chased me. Boo!!! 👎🏻